2020 saw a learning curve for Patriots

Madison Elliott, News Editor

This past year was historic in so many ways. Moving through 2020 with a global pandemic set off a whole chain of events that people all over the world had to experience for the first time together. It was a year full of expecting the unexpected. That is the main teaching factor to help Patriots grow and learn in so many ways.

Not only have people physically changed over this past year, but mentally many people had begun to have different outlooks on life itself. Things like values and morals have changed over this chaotic year as people have had a lot of time for reflection.
Due to the pandemic, the governor enforced a strict lockdown. These new restrictions allowed for alone time while people were stuck at home.
Sophomore Charlene Braddy said, “Being in quarantine, I felt very isolated and alone like many when everything shut down.”
Life changed with the lockdown, and requiring social distancing of six feet between individuals was another major factor toward feeling isolated.
Charlene added, “One thing I took away from 2020 was that you will have people walk in and out of your life, and the truest friends will always stick with you.”
Being separated from society during the pandemic created many difficulties toward relationships. Charlene discussed how the distance during quarantine and in-person socialization caused a loss of contact between friends. This can be very relatable for many people as it became a health risk to hang out with friends or even be too close to people who are outside of the immediate home.
Charlene said, “There were many days where my family and I were stuck at home for days straight without much to distract ourselves from the craziness.”
Some people enjoyed this time with family as it helped them to grow closer while others longed to get some alone time away from their household members.
These were some ideas that led to a bigger picture of being able to appreciate quality time with loved ones while making the most of that time.
Sophomore Ethan Ruiz shared a few things that he learned during this pandemic. “COVID-19 really changed my life and taught me that the world and your life can change in a second. . .The biggest thing I’ve taken away from 2020 is that school really is important, and being in school really makes a difference in learning.”
The difference in how school has changed is one of the most impactful for students. This year, students had the option of staying completely virtual or being part of the new hybrid system.
Students willing to go into school have had to adapt multiple times to each new guideline switching in between 100% virtual, 25% in-person learning, then to 50% in-person learning. Through these changes, students have learned to be flexible and have gotten a taste of the new learning styles now making their homes into classrooms.
This change has led to a school year with many students missing a social interaction between peers and hands-on learning in a classroom. Some students, however, do, enjoy staying in the comfort of their own homes all day.
Through 2020, COVID-19 was a major event that will make history, but there were also plenty of other events that occurred throughout the year such as the 2020 Presidential Election. This year was a year full of people spreading their voices and working to make impacts on society.
An important reminder is that the citizens need to unite and respect one another since we are all humans at the end of the day.
Charlene said, “Losing people you care about over events in the real world is devastating, but it really shows how damaged our world can be.”
Many of these events called for eye-opening reflections on the aspect of change. Ethan said, “I’ve learned that if everyone comes together and tries to make a certain situation better, then it will get better and all work out in the end.”
Through this difficult year came triumph and perseverance. Many Patriots had new challenges to face, calling for new goals and new ways to overcome the challenges.
“I overcame my challenges by praying to God and hanging out with good people in my life. I also practice [baseball] a lot to get my mind off of things,” Ethan said.
This year was full of an unknown future along with not knowing where to go from this point forward. There were questions such as: for how long, why, where, when?
This is when it is best to embrace the time and life we have. Taking these experiences and allowing time to process and learn from them is the best thing a person can do. 2020 was a learning experience.