Are homecoming proposals romantic or overrated?

Belle Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

If you’re going to propose for any dance, do it right.

When I think of a romantic gesture, the first thought that comes to mind is the scene in 10 Things I Hate About You when Heath Ledger sings “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.” Although the girl [Julia Stiles] he is singing to claims to be a nonconformist traditional against things like being serenaded, she loves the gesture.
However, Julia Stiles’ “heartless character,” yet not completely heartless, liked this “promposal” for a reason. It was thought out, showed his personality, and put him on the spot. I guarantee if Heath Ledger walked up to Julia Stiles with a piece of paper written “Prom?” she would’ve laughed and possibly never spoken to him.
I know what you’re thinking; in high school, there are not enough hours in a day for homework let alone a whole proposal. And what if you get rejected, in front of the whole school or your friends?
Here’s my guide to make your dance proposals error -free and guaranteed to make a girl like Julia Stiles, “Kat” in 10 Things I Hate About You, swoon over you.
First, make sure you establish some sort of connection with the object of your affection. Don’t make the first time you’re asking them to dance, be the first words you exchange. Once you have a formed connection, you need to establish the intention. If you agree on going to a dance as friends, a romantic proposal could give off the wrong idea.
However, if feelings are there, either for just you or both of you, it’s time to seal the deal with an easy but thoughtful gesture. Now, think about what they like. If they have a gluten allergy, bringing them donuts probably isn’t the best idea. An interest could be a food, sport, song, or hobby. Then center your proposal around that interest. It shows that you’ve listened to them enough to know what they like and dislike, which means even if your proposal took five minutes to plan, it means you planned it.
Once you’ve established what that interest is, figure out how to ask. You could make a sign, even if it’s minimal, with neat and clear handwriting. You could write the question on the interest, like a soccer ball or a box of chocolates. If you’re going to sing or dance, make sure you incorporate if you ask at the end of your performance or if you have a sign. Asking is the most important part.
Now you need to figure out when to ask them. If you’re scared of being rejected in front of a crowd (which shouldn’t happen with my tips), then arrange a time alone with them so public embarrassment isn’t a factor. However, you have to think if you ask them in front of a crowd, it would be harder for them to say no.
Either way, putting yourself out there isn’t easy, so give yourself credit for going above and beyond to ask someone. I know I’m for one not into public displays of affection; however, I would say there’s a hopeless romantic inside of everyone.
As long as you follow these tips and give yourself some credit for asking someone to be your date in a special way, you’re set to have the perfect night at the dance.