Dollar Store prices change after 35 years

Aeowynn Ayres, Entertainment Editor

For the past 35 years, the Dollar Store has sold toys, food, art supplies, and gadgets, for only one dollar.

This past November, the Dollar Store made the announcement that prices are being permanently raised by 25% by the end of April 2021. They also announced that some items will be sold under the $5 price range.
The vindication of the company change is caused by inflation and the increase in freight and transportation prices.
Although the price increases are understandable, it ruins the idea of a “one dollar” store. There are thousands of stores all over the world, so it is hard to believe that the company doesn’t have enough in their budget to accommodate for inflation and pay for increasing transportation prices.
The Dollar Store’s low prices are relied on by low income families and students. This price raise means that families who may only have one income or who do not have a steady income at all will have to make more sacrifices to survive.
Being in an area of prosperity, we sometimes don’t realize that our lower income neighbors rely on these discounted prices to make ends meet.
This concept should be especially taken under deliberation considering how hard COVID-19 has affected the working class.
During the pandemic, so many people were laid off and unable to make ends meet. These people relied on dollar general stores to provide for their families. With the new price increases in place, there is less food being put on the table for people who need it the most.