Lunch line improvements see positive results

Gabby Albright, Staff Writer

New lines have been created to fix the problem of the long lunch line. There is one lunch line for hot foods like fries, chicken nuggets, and mozzarella sticks. The other line is for the daily special, so it changes every day.

Before the implementation of two lunch lines, the line always used to go outside the hallway, and some people wouldn’t get food until the end of lunch. After it was introduced in a class meeting, the new lunch lines began to do a great job at making the lines more efficient.
I love this system, specifically because the hot food line goes by quickly, and I have a lot more time to eat my lunch. It’s good that something was finally changed about the lines because before it was always hectic, and the line went out the hallway.
There was also the problem of people cutting in line with their friends, so people would have to wait even longer to get through. One time I saw someone go past the line and go into the far door to get their food.
What held the line up was students getting the daily special. The daily specials this year have been great and the variety is more plentiful than previous years. For example, this year there are burrito bowls, Korean bowls, pasta, cheesesteak sandwiches, and more.
This means that a lot more students are interested in getting the special although it takes a while to serve every student.
Students who would just want to get fries or chicken nuggets would have to wait as long as twenty minutes just to get to the front, which is why the new line system is so good. Students wanting to just get nuggets or fries can just go through their own line and don’t have to wait for everyone to be served.
Even with a lot of students going through the line, the kitchen staff does a great job at making sure everything is stocked up and easily accessible. They are always nice and try their best even though there are only a few of them.
What also has made the lunch lines move faster are the multiple registers, so people can pay more quickly. There used to be only one or two open, so it usually got jammed in the cafeteria exit; however, because it moves so efficiently now; it is less congested.