Issue #1: Report Card

The Patriot grades the school on today’s issues

Game Attendance – D

In past years, the attendance at sports games overall has been dwindling. While students may stop by a football game for a little bit, by the end of the game, the student section will be mostly empty. For other sports games, there is barely any attendance at all. This lack of school spirit for our classmates and friends is upsetting. Even a small number of students who are there to cheer on a team can change the mood of the game. There needs to be more school spirit at JC for the games.

Orientation Volunteers – A

This year there were a grand total of 70 current Patriots who volunteered to welcome new students to the school on August 29, 30 more students than last year’s count. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors put on their uniforms and arrived before 7:00 am on one of their last days of summer in order to help Underclass Class Moderators Mrs. Hall and Dr. Davidson make the day run smoothly. Volunteers handed out folders, sat on a student panel, and gave tours to the new students. 

First Day of School Set-Up – B

There were a couple of changes to the first day of school this year. The round-robins and class meetings were eliminated in the new format. Some students did miss the class meetings that used to occur at the beginning because they unified each class and gave new school year updates to keep students informed on things like the dress code crack down. However, bringing the school community together into one room to welcome everyone was an effective way to set a positive tone for the year.

Front Office Phone Service – C

This school year, some people have complained about the phone service when someone calls JC’s front office. Unlike previous years, there is now an automated voice at the other end of the line. This gives an impersonal first impression. However, at certain times during the day, security answers the phone. While they do provide real conversation, it seems like the incorrect job for security guards when they already have a multitude of jobs. This makes calling JC more confusing.

Senior Unity Day – A+

Senior Unity Day is one of the best events JC puts on for their students, and this year was no exception. The day was filled with fun, never with a dull moment. The entire day was seamlessly run by the faculty and staff (special shout out to Mrs. Geczy), and everyone had a good day. The Goose Chase events were all exciting, and the random teams made the seniors closer. Overall, the senior class ended the day feeling much closer and even more ready for an amazing senior year.