Pro V. Con: Students should have off of class after final exams

Pro V. Con: Students should have off of class after final exams

Megan Foard, Multimedia Editor

This is the pro argument for giving students off of class after final exams. To read the con argument, click here.

It is hard work for students to take a class a year level ahead of them, especially for juniors who are taking senior classes. When the seniors take their final exams, juniors are expected to take them as well. Instead of being rewarded for their hard work and dedication, juniors are forced to continue on with schoolwork until the end of the school year, even though it is simply pointless busy work.

Every year, students argue that class should be over when the final exam is taken. This includes senior exams and AP exams. Exams for seniors are around the second week of May, leaving about three to four weeks of school for juniors or AP students.

It seems that the intelligent, dutiful, and persevering students are being punished when it should be the other way around. To motivate the other students to become like these role model students, these students should be rewarded for their efforts by giving them off or allowing them to have special privileges.

The time period of the AP classes and tests are linked with college exams. If our classes and final exams are treated like a college course, then why aren’t the students being treated like the young adults they are?

With that said, why do students have to remain in class? The problem is that there is a certain amount of school days that students have to attend.

There are, however, other solutions that could work in this situation. Many times a student does not take all AP classes or senior classes when he or she is only a junior. For the other classes, a student could have a study hall to work on those other classes that are coming to an end as well.

Another solution is to grant special permission to those hard working students to come in late or leave early whenever they have that class. In the future, this reward will motivate students to take AP courses or senior courses in order to finish the year early.

Megan Foard is a Multimedia Editor for The Patriot and