High school only comes once; cherish your time at JC

Emma Balint, Co-Editor-in-Chief

 As I walked into JC on my first day of senior year, there was a different kind of feeling. I think every senior felt it as they walked through the school for their last first day. It’s almost like I looked at everything a little bit harder than I have before in order to remember everything I possibly could.

Because high school flies by.

We’ve all heard parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents and friends say this same line over and over and over again. I remember thinking to myself, “It’s four years! How could it possibly fly by?” Yet, in the blink of an eye, it’s senior year.

Each year brings a new outlook to life and school. As freshmen, we worry about finding our friend groups and our classes and debate trying out for that sports team or auditioning for a part in the musical. We focus on transitioning from middle school to high school and overcoming every twist and turn that comes along with a new start.

As sophomores, we hit our stride and know the school well. We start to focus in on school more and try the things we had been scared to do freshman year. During our sophomore year, we start to feel older. As we get our driver’s permits, we begin talking about cars and driving around and who would be the first person to actually get a license. It is a year of maturing.

Then junior year rolls around, and school gets real. Classes get harder, and teachers push students more. As students begin their college planning classes and start visiting colleges, they also look into the future. Each student tries to push and learn more about themselves in order to find the perfect college, major, or career. Junior year is a year of stepping out of the comfort zone.

And finally, class of 2020, we’ve made it. Through every up and down on this roller coaster ride of high school, we have arrived at our senior year.

It’s our time of college applications and unity days and prom and everything else we’ve looked forward to throughout our time here at JC.

Instead of wishing this final year away, let’s embrace it. This year will be a year we will remember for the rest of our lives.

To the freshmen, sophomores and juniors who think the day when you finally arrive at your senior year will never come, be patient. So much sooner than you think, you, too, will be walking through these halls looking at everything just a little bit harder.

Because high school truly does fly by.