Week in Pictures: Camden Yards, Mock Trial, the Constitution, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day

U.S. History teacher Darrion Siler signs a mock “Constitution” that was used in juniors Mary Olsen, Ian Olsen, Eryn Roach, and Adriana Guidi’s presentation on the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. Students were separated into groups and were assigned a topic to teach the class about while also presenting a 3-D object based on the topic.

Photos by: Kelly Foulk, Katherine Grimm, and Caroline Cooney

During the week of 1/11, the Mock Trial team held a scrimmage in preparation for their first trial. The Entrepreneurial Studies class took a field trip to Camden Yards. Members of the U.S. History classes created “the Constitution.” An assembly was held on Friday, Jan. 15 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.