Week in Pictures: Chris Herren, lacrosse, Patriot celebration dinner, and Senior Project presentations

Junior Alex Wroe, sophomore Keiron Leonard, and junior Joe Rayman play defense on a Glenelg player trying to transition the ball down field. The men’s lacrosse team payed Glenelg Country School in a championship game on Friday, May 20 at Johns Hopkins – Homewood field.

Photos by: Katherine Grimm, Elizabeth Harmison and Kevin Blandeburgo

During the week of 5/16, The Patriot staff had an end of year dinner on Monday, May 16. Former National Basketball Association (NBA) star Chris Herren came and spoke at JC about his battle with a heroin addiction on Wednesday, May 18. Senior project presentations took place throughout the week. Men’s lacrosse won both semi-final and championship games on Tuesday, May 17 and Friday, May 20.