Week in Pictures: Puzzle room, dress down day, Morning Star Powwow, egg drop, and mock trial

The head man and the head woman of the powwow lead the traditional couples dance during the Morning Star Powwow. All proceeds raised from the powwow will be donated to St. Labre Indian School in Ashland, MT.

Pictures by: Caroline Cooney, Katherine Grimm, Allie Taylor, Pia Scotto and Olivia Stepanian

During the week of Jan. 9, physics teacher Dr. Anthony Davidson’s class participated in an egg drop project to learn about the mechanics of momentum and impulse and how to apply them  to real life. The Mock Trial Team competed against Joppatowne High School for their first case and won 45-37. Religion teacher Chris Deaver gathered his students and challenged them to use their knowledge on the 7 sacraments in order to make it out of a puzzle room. The Breakfast Club gave out wristbands in exchange for two dollars so students could dress down and gave all proceeds to Write Love On Her Arms, a suicide prevention organization. Finally, the 17th annual Morning Star Powwow attracted people from all over to immerse themselves in Native American culture. The Powwow benefited the St. Labre Indian School in Montana.