International students, NHS flowers, Newseum, and “Me Books”

“Week in Pictures” is a weekly recurring slideshow of multiple pictures that depict an average week at JC by sharing events, classes, meetings, and everything else that happens inside and outside our halls. These pictures are taken in hopes of capturing the essence of JC and strive to show what makes being a patriot so special.



Pictures by: Caroline Cooney, Grace Mottley, and Mark Ionescu

During the week of Feb. 13, both the Journalism and TV Production classes went on a field trip to the Newseum on Monday, Feb. 13. The Newseum is a museum in Washington D.C. that is dedicated fully to the history of journalism. On the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 14, members of administration stood outside to give parents flowers as gifts in honor of Valentine’s Day. The Spanish Club put together “Me Books” for seniors to take on their trip to Honduras in the spring as a gift for the children who live there on Tuesday, Feb 14. Finally, the International Student Mentoring Program joined together in a meeting to discuss the importance and responsibility of being a friend to international students on Wednesday, Feb. 15.