Special needs prom, Strategic Gaming Club, Lifesavers, Envirothon, Ring

“Week in Pictures” is a weekly recurring slideshow of multiple pictures that depict an average week at JC by sharing events, classes, meetings, and everything else that happens inside and outside our halls. These pictures are taken in hopes of capturing the essence of JC and strive to show what makes being a patriot so special.

Pictures by: Zachary Miller, Druw Van Der Werff, Caroline Cooney, Edward Benner

During the week of March 20, the Strategic Gaming Club met every day of the week, with the most popular days being Thursday and Friday. Juniors participated in a JC tradition by receiving their class rings, celebrating Mass, and ending with a dance. SADD (Students Against Destructive Disorders) members handed out lifesavers to students at the beginning of the school day on Wednesday, March 22 to remind them to make safe decisions. Finally, senior Caroline Cooney hosted a special needs prom for her Senior Project on Sunday, March 26.