Tri-M Music Honors Society inductions, ‘It’s Thursday’ song, women’s lacrosse game, Baptism, and the Gala

“Week in Pictures” is a weekly recurring slideshow of multiple pictures that depict an average week at JC by sharing events, classes, meetings, and everything else that happens inside and outside our halls. These pictures are taken in hopes of capturing the essence of JC and strive to show what makes being a patriot so special.

Photos by: Zachary Miller, Paige Alban, Caroline Cooney, and Katherine Grimm

During the week of April 24, classes resumed and students had a busy first week back from spring break. New members of the Tri-M Music Honors Society were inducted on Wednesday, April 24, and the graduating members were presented with their graduation cords

On Thursday, April 27, Fine Arts and Social Studies teacher Robert Schick performed the beloved “It’s Thursday” song for the first time after more than a year reprieve. Later that night, senior Charlotte Haggerty honored Mia Cochran, a seven-year-old who was diagnosed with leukemia, during her lacrosse game against Spalding for her Senior Project.

During the End of the Year Mass on Friday, April 28, junior Ashley Schwartz was baptized as a Catholic and received her First Communion. Afterwards, junior Delaney Schutz was baptized by Mountain Christian Church Pastor Nathan McDade. On Saturday, April 29, JC hosted the “An Evening Under the Stars” Gala to raise money to renovate the Academic Wing and to present Archivist Edward Miller with the John Carroll Medal of Honor.