Senior athlete creates remembrance for Xavia

Grace Kim, Online Chief

In memory of Xavia Pirozzi, the sophomore who passed away from leukemia on March 21, senior Carlee Ries has ordered purple wrist sweatbands with the letter X on the front.  Purple was Xavia’s favorite color.  According to Ries, her aim for this project was to honor Xavia by having all spring sports players wear the sweatbands.  Athletic Director Larry Dukes assisted her in this process.

“I cannot really tell you were the idea came from. I honestly was just thinking one day and I knew that I had to do something.  Since I play lacrosse, I was going to just have the sweatbands for your arms for our girls’ lacrosse team.  Then I thought why not try and have them for every sports team?  When I thought of the idea I went right to Mrs. Murphy-Dohn. She then led me to Mr. Dukes,” Ries said.

According to Dukes, the National Honors Society paid for half of the cost of the sweatband order.  Each sweatband cost $2, so when the sweatbands go on sale, students will be charged $1 for them.

According to Dukes, coaches have been collecting pre-orders.  Spring sports teams showing interest will be given the sweatbands first.  Dukes ordered 400 sweatbands from on March 27.  After spring break, the sweatbands will be available for the rest of the student body and more orders can be placed if interest increases.

“After the ideas are finalized between Mr. Dukes and me, the sweatbands will be in within 2 weeks. I know this is kind of late into the spring sport season, but anything to help remember Xavia.  The whole idea is to remember and celebrate Xavia. I thought that as an athlete that was really touched and upset with what happened, I wanted all athletes to support her family and friends,” Ries said.

Senior Erica Bodt is a member of the women’s lacrosse team, and she plans on purchasing one of the bands.

“We all talked about it as a team and thought it would be a really good idea.  When I went to the viewing, I talked to her [Xavia’s] mom and she said that she would like a sweatband just to have and thought it was really nice that were doing this for Xavia,” Bodt said.

Junior track runner Derek Alban plans on purchasing a sweatband as well.

‘I’m buying a sweatband because I think people need to know Xavia’s story. It think it’s a great idea because the athletic department is coming together to remember a special student,” Alban said.

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