Track teams fare well at championships

The track team hurdled their last challenge this season when they competed in the MIAA/IAAM Championship on May 9, 10, and 12.

The men’s team placed fifth overall, and the women’s team placed sixth.  The championship meet included both A and B conference teams, with the men’s team beating every other B conference team and placing them ahead of many A conference teams.

Overall, the women’s team set three new school records, two of which were set by junior Kiana Wright, in long jump and triple jump.  The third was a 4-by-400 relay, which Wright was a part of as well. The other members of the record-breaking team included senior Holly Cook and juniors Rebecca Driver and Annie Morris.

“It was pretty exciting being able to break the school record for the 4-by-400 again because I think it shows how we have improved as a team since my freshman year,” Morris said.

The men’s team faired equally well, setting four new school records and tying two other school records. The new records were set by junior Austin Markley in triple jump, senior Denzel Varner in discus and shot put, and seniors Andrew Ellis and Ben Pickett and juniors Derek Alban and David Knaide in the 4-by-800 relay. Markley tied the school records in the 100 and 200 open.

“The key moment for me, at championships, was right before my 100-meter race. I was dead because it was so hot outside and I already had participated in triple jump. I had to do the best I could to stretch properly and get enough fluids in me to run the fastest I could,” Markley said.

Junior Rebecca Driver also made a mark, getting fourth in high jump, 300 hurdles, and the record-breaking 4-by-400 relay. Driver was the women’s team top scorer this season, earning a total on 165.92 points. Driver was followed closely in points this season by Wright who earned 157.75 points.

Markley and Alban were at the top of the men’s team’s point sheet this season, earning 273 points and 132.25 points, respectively.

Emily Clarke is a Managing Editor for The Patriot and