Baseball field recieves makeover

Cole Alban, Managing editor

In anticipation for the spring season, the baseball field received an $18,000 makeover that was completed on Oct.29.

One addition is the warning track. The warning track is a long strip of gravel along the outfield to alert players when they are nearing the fence. Part of the field also received new sod. These new additions make for better and safer play according to Dukes.

These changes have been planned for six years, but were not done because extra funding was needed. According to Dukes, funding was acquired through the JC golf tournament.

More renovations are planned to occur in the future according to Dukes.  Some of these include a press-box and bleachers incorporated into the surrounding hill, according to Dukes. Dukes says that all of these changes are making the field much better. “It makes it feel more like a real ballpark.”