Varsity football trumps St. Mary’s in first home playoff game


The JC varsity football team defended their home field in the playoff game against St. Mary’s. The Patriots will be going on to championships after this game.

Cole Alban, Managing Editor

The excitement ran throughout the team. The atmosphere of the crowd was uplifting despite the cold weather. This was not just any home football game JC was playing. This was not a regular playoff game for them either. This was the first home playoff football game in the history of JC and they brought home the win.

JC played against St. Mary’s of Annapolis on Nov. 9. Earlier in the season, JC beat St. Mary’s, 31-21. St. Mary’s attempted to claim a spot in the championship, but was not successful, losing 28-20 on Nov. 9.

JC started off strong in the first quarter according to senior lineman Devon Ruane. “The first scoring drive started the tempo off right,” Ruane said. That was the only time JC scored in the first quarter.

The second quarter went well for JC, as they put two more touchdowns on the scoreboard. St. Mary’s also scored a touchdown in the second quarter.

Things changed as the game went into the second half. “We played a good first half, but played sloppy in the second half with 11 fumbles,” Ruane said.

Fortunately for JC, the “sloppy” playing did not manifest itself in  St. Mary’s scoring. JC scored again in the third quarter as well.

The fourth quarter was a different story. St. Mary’s scored twice, racking up 13 points total. JC managed to hold them off in the end, pulling away with a spot in the championship game.

Senior wide receiver Austin Markley scored once for JC on a receiving touchdown thrown by senior quarterback Brandon Lewis. Senior running back Montell Martin scored twice, running for both touchdowns, and junior fullback Paul Lorick scored once on a run.

 On St. Mary’s side, junior Omaryon White scored once, and senior quarterback Spencer Coyle scored twice.

The championship game will be played at Towson University on Nov. 17. JC will face off against St. Paul’s who they lost to on Oct. 12 0-34 .


Cole Alban is a Managing Editor for The Patriot and