Women’s badminton hopes for sucessful season in B conference

Womens badminton hopes for sucessful season in B conference

Haley Kyger, Sports Editor

Badminton coach Tess Gauthier has high hopes for the women’s badminton team this year. With the league being split into an ‘A’ conference and a ‘B’ conference, Gauthier thinks the team could potentially do well in their placement in the ‘B’ conference.

“When they broke up the conference, they took the top six or seven teams in the ‘A’, and about six other teams in the ‘B,’” Gauthier said.

According to Gauthier, before the conference broke up, the team played against more competitive teams. “These schools have students who have been playing badminton since they were in middle school or even younger,” Gauthier said.

“I’m happy about our badminton team being in the B conference this year

because it gives our team a better advantage of winning,” junior Marina

Conits said.

“Against these good teams, we were lucky to win a match,” Gauthier said. “Now with the split conferences, the girls have something to strive for.”

Haley Kyger is a Sports Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.