Russian teacher Ed Miller reflects on decades of coaching

Russian teacher Ed Miller reflects on decades of coaching

Russian teacher Ed Miller coaches the JV women’s lacrosse team at practice. Miller also coached varsity lacrosse for ten years starting in 1969.

Cole Alban, Managing Editor

Currently, Russian teacher Edward Miller is an assistant coach of women’s JV lacrosse, but he has a history in coaching that stretches back over 40 years.

Miller’s experiences with sports began during his childhood. “I grew up in a sports-minded family and there was not a sport we didn’t play,” Miller said.

Miller didn’t have a lacrosse team to play on at Loyola Blakefield, where he attended high school. Instead, he had to start a lacrosse club with his fellow lacrosse enthusiasts. They then played other high schools that had lacrosse teams. “The experience served me well as a player in college,” Miller said.

Miller first started coaching in 1959 at Loyola Blakefield, his alma mater. There, Miller was the first men’s lacrosse coach at the school. The team went right into the ‘A’ conference, but had some trouble. “Eventually the program evolved into what it is today,” Miller said.

“I started coaching because I loved the sport and I wanted to try and help young players to learn the right way and to get the best possible coaching experience,” Miller said. “I felt like my coaching in college could have been better and I felt a great desire to teach kids the right way.”

Miller then came to JC in 1969 to coach the men’s lacrosse team. After coaching at JC for two years, the team moved up to the ‘A’ conference. “Just like at Loyola, we had not had much experience in the beginning, but a lot of drive,” Miller said. Miller was the head coach of the men’s team for 10 years. Miller now helps out with coaching for women’s JV lacrosse since last season.

Miller has also had many other coaching experiences besides lacrosse. He coached Powder Puff for 30 years beginning in 1970. Miller began because he felt “that, just like any other sport, the girls are deserving of good coaching.” Miller enjoyed his time coaching Powder Puff. “I definitely enjoyed it or I would not have done it for those 30 years.”

Miller also helps with swimming in the winter. Miller has been helping out with swimming for two years and says he has more of an assistant coach role. “I am more of a right hand man to [head coach] Larry Dukes,” Miller said.

Miller also coaches JV women’s tennis. He has been coaching that since last season. Miller said he had asked to come in and coach. “I had played tennis all my life,” Miller said.

Miller does not plan to stop coaching anytime soon though. “Whether it be a varsity sport or Powder Puff, I believe young people are entitled to the best possible coaching,” Miller said. “I can expect to be seen somewhere outside with a whistle and a clipboard.”

Cole Alban is a Managing Editor for The Patriot and