Timeout with Amanda: Is Powderpuff rigged or fair game?


Ahh, Spirit Week. The time of the school year when JC celebrates Homecoming and one other very important event, the Powerdpuff game. Powderpuff is a fun tradition where each grade can show support and wear their class color, loud and proud.

Amidst the chanting and duck calls, the game was at high intensity. There’s nothing better than a little class rivalry between the junior and senior classes.

Being in the stands with my fellow classmates was exhilarating. From a senior perspective, the entire class was pumped and thought, “Yeah, we’re going to dominate.”

The first few plays of the game made me a little nervous. Could the senior girls pull through? Of course they could, and they did.

So the real questions remains, was the Powderpuff game rigged in the seniors’ favor, or was it a fair game?

To say the game was rigged would be very questionable, mainly because of the referee calls. JC social studies teachers Anthony Del Puppo and Jake Hollin were the referees of the game and were not going to let either team off easy.

Most foul calls were made against the seniors this year. Sounds like fair game to me. Some years when the score is close, there tends to be a bit of favoritism towards the senior team.

If the game was rigged, the referees would have probably made petty calls against the juniors instead.

This year, neither team was given a break to rack up points. Both teams had awesome offenses, but senior Alyssa Lazaro took the game by storm.

It’s exciting to see female athletes and female non-athletes alike come together for a good old game of Powderpuff.

I understand that it can be hard to pay attention to something that doesn’t really affect you.  For the sophomore girls, this was a good chance to eye up your competition for next fall.

With a final score of 14-6, the seniors proved to be the stronger class. Of course, the juniors will always testify that the game was rigged.

To the juniors, don’t forget next year is the year where you have the chance to redeem yourselves.  The junior team played well and has incredible potential to challenge the future junior class of 2016.  Next year, you have the opportunity to defend the senior title. Remember, it’s fair game to all.

Amanda Spaeth is a Sports Columnist for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.