Powderpuff provides no bragging rights


Mitch Hopkins

Juniors Carly Lyon, Kelly Reilley and Claire Grunewald celebrate after the game. Both teams celebrated after the game despite neither team coming out on top.

The Powderpuff football game left many things on the field, including a tied score.

The annual Powderpuff Game between juniors and seniors, held Oct. 21, ended with a tied score of 0-0.

According to head coach of the juniors and parent Paul Day, the juniors had three practices.

“We drove some plays and we had to get organized first and learn how to grab the flags at first and just play this game. We went over the rules and just went from there. We progressed from just little drills to all the way up,” Day said.

Besides Day, the juniors were coached by STEM Coordinator Jessica Limmer and juniors Alex Rasmussen, Kishan Patel, and Matt Stoots.

The seniors were coached by English teacher Hayley Howe, Administrative Assistant Abbey Swift, and seniors Allen Bryant, Christian Scott, and Ryan Sheehan.

“We had two practices,” senior Charlotte Molali said. “It was a lot of fun and our coaches were really good.”

English teacher Matthew Blair and social studies teachers Anthony Del Puppo and Jake Hollin officiated the game.

“I’ve [refereed] them all since I started in [1999]. It was more of a defensive struggle,” Blair said. “Both teams had a lot of opportunities but offensively neither team could put it together.”

“I think it was great. A good defensive struggle. I love those kinds of games,” Day said.

Some juniors called the game rigged because of the way some of the penalties were called, but Blair disagrees.

“Absolutely not. [The tie] is proof that it is not. When the seniors went for it instead of punting it down there in the final minutes, the juniors were on the 15 yard line. They could’ve easily scored in the last minute and won the game,” Blair said.

This is the first time that there has ever been a tie in a Powderpuff game. “We’ve never had a tie at the end of regulation. We don’t play overtimes,” Athletic Director Larry Dukes said.

According to senior safety and linebacker Samantha Wieczynski, “It is what it is, we fell apart.”

Mitch Hopkins is a News Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.