Senior sprints to new levels


Photo courtesy Michael Monaghan

Senior Matt Becker sprints to the line in the 800 meter race. Becker’s interest in track and field started when he was a freshman in high school, and has continued running throughout his four years.

As he pushes his last breath of air out and pulls his momentum forward inside his lane, senior track and field long distance runner Matt Becker sweats as he gives his full effort to come up and end it with a victory.

Becker has been running track for four years and uses it as great motivation to get better for his primary sport, soccer. “It has gotten me in better shape each season, and I really feel it’s benefited me,” Becker said.

Becker competes primarily in the 1600, the 800, and occasionally the 400.

According to head coach Robert Torres, Becker is very reliable during meets. “Whether or not Matt is having a good or bad day, he will always give you everything he’s got, that’s what I really like about him,” Torres said.

Becker received all MIAA B conference honors for the 2015 season, which only inspired him to work harder. “It was tremendous receiving it [honors] and it inspired me all this season,” Becker said.

Another form of motivation Becker uses is his competition among fellow teammates. Even his teammates enjoy his competitive spirit and intensity throughout the season. “He is a compassionate teammate and has always exerted himself to his full potential in every practice and every meet,” according to senior track and field long distance runner Rob Flynn.

Among Becker’s favorite track experiences are fellow senior Michael Imbierowicz’s pre-race speeches. “Pretty much every race, he [Imbierowicz]  would give us speeches to encourage us, Becker said. “They were truly magnificent.”

Becker also enjoyed watching his fellow teammates get better and better each season. “It was great watching the evolution of all my teammates every year. They motivate me more than I can myself,” Becker said.

Grant Sharretts is a Sports Editor for The Patriot and