Ravens Outlook: Season looks promising for Baltimore’s home team

Malik Scott, Sports Editor

The 2018 AFC North Champions, The Baltimore Ravens are coming off a 10-6 season and are looking to improve upon their performance.
Last year Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson led the team to clinch the AFC North title for the first time since 2012.
Drafting Marquise Brown in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Ravens are looking to build a very fast offense led by Jackson.
The 2019 preseason was in the Ravens’ favor as well. The Baltimore Ravens have been perfect during the last four preseasons, going 17-0.
Some may call this promising while others may say that “preseason means nothing.” With a top ten defense and a fast-paced offense, it seems as though the Ravens have all the pieces they need to be a successful team in 2019.
Although, the competition will be difficult this year with the Cleveland Browns’ building their program up and the Pittsburgh Steelers’ underdog mentality, the Ravens believe that they can win the AFC North two years in a row. Their fans do as well.
“I believe the Ravens will at least go to the AFC Championship this year; they have a really good team,” senior Braden Clark said.
On Sunday September  8, The Ravens took a trip to Miami to take on the Dolphins. The Ravens started the game off quickly, and it showed. The final score was 59-10, giving the Ravens their first win of the 2019 season and the record of the most points scored in team history.
Brown had an electric debut with two touchdowns and four receptions for 150 yards. Jackson also had an impressive game, ending with five touchdowns and 324 passing yards
“Lamar Jackson is the most exciting player on the offense, along with Marquise Brown, too. The Ravens have never had a receiver that fast, and I’m excited to see how those two do,” English teacher Mr. Matt Blair said.
On defense, veteran free safety Earl Thomas caught his first interception of the season, giving the defense momentum that lasted the entire game.
The Ravens kicked off Week 2 against the Arizona Cardinals in Baltimore on Sunday, September 15.
For the second week in a row, the Ravens started the game at a fast pace, giving the Cardinals trouble in the first half. The Ravens defense allowed no touchdowns in the first half. Ravens cornerback Brandon Carr led the team in tackles with seven total.
Quarterback Jackson made NFL history as he became the first player to rush for over 120 yards and pass for 250 yards in NFL history.
The Baltimore Ravens went on to beat the Arizona Cardinals 23-17.
Despite the 28-33 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 3, there is still hope for another successful season. After being down 23-6 at halftime, the Ravens offense managed to score 22 points in the second half. Jackson and Mark Ingram combined for 149 rushing yards, giving life to their offense.
“Based on how they’ve looked so far, I think they should be able to win the division and win the playoffs with the talent they have,” Mr. Blair said.
With the season still young, the Baltimore Ravens are looking to make a statement this season and make it back to the top of the AFC.