Polesovsky prevails in final high school wrestling season

Cameron Gibson, Staff Writer

CJ Polesovsky is a member and team captain of the John Carroll wrestling team. He has been wrestling for 13 years and recently finished his last season of high school wrestling with his most successful one yet.

CJ began wrestling at the age of five because of his interest in the WWE. “I chose to wrestle because when I was a kid, I thought it would be like the WWE, but over the years, I stuck with it because it helped me build character and turned me into who I am today.”

This season, CJ won the MIAA championships, placed second at States, and placed eighth at National Preps, earning him the title of “All-American.” CJ sees these as his biggest accomplishments throughout his high school wrestling career.

“My biggest accomplishment came this year: winning MIAA Championships and making All-American at Nationals.”

CJ also looks at these accomplishments as some of his most memorable high school experiences. “My most memorable high school moment was winning the MIAA Championship this year.”

CJ has worked very hard to accomplish his goals; he trains in the off-season and throughout the summer.

“I’ve trained during the season and the off season by practicing and competing in open tournaments. Going to camps also helped with gaining skill,” CJ said.

Unfortunately, while wrestling at National Preps, CJ suffered a knee injury and was unable to continue competing, but he is still looking forward to coming back.

“Easing back into wrestling will allow me to return at nearly-full health. It takes patience to heal an injury in the knee and it is my first experience with such an injury.”

CJ has had a very successful high school wrestling career, and he is still has some decisions to make.

“I am still deciding if I want to wrestle in college, and I am still deciding on my college,” CJ said.