Students enjoy yearly ski trip

Giovanni Rizzotti, Staff Writer

Every year at John Carroll, many students and chaperones take a three-day trip to a ski resort. This year, the students, led by Mr. Eddie Maynard, went to Camelback resort in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, near the town of Tannersville, from January 31-February 2.

Mr. Maynard, the moderator for the ski trip, said that “the last four years, it’s been to Camelback. Prior to that it was Seven Springs, also in Pennsylvania.” Mr. Maynard said that the change was so that kids could have something fun to do at night, other than the options of skiing and snowboarding. He also said that this year, 51 students attended, an increase of 10 students from last year.

This ski trip is an annual event at John Carroll. Only once has it been canceled, and it was due to little interest. In addition, Mr. Maynard has led the ski trip since 2009; prior to that, another moderator was in control of the ski trip.

Mr. Maynard said, “I like to ski, and I know that there are a lot of kids who like to ski and snowboard, and it’s good to give the kids the option to get away for a couple days and enjoy some time with each other.”

Mr. Maynard also said that his favorite memories from the ski trip are the time he gets to spend on the mountains skiing and the time he gets to spend with the chaperones as well.