After some uncertainty, the NFL returns

Ravens begin season positively with two wins, one loss

Cameron Gibson, Media & Online Chief

The last few months have been a roller coaster ride and COVID-19 had, for a while, left the sports world in a state of uncertainty. However, on September 10, the NFL began again with a game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans.

Although the NFL has returned, some significant precautions are being taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among players, staff members, and fans.
One of these precautions is the limitation, or in many cases, the complete lack of fans in a stadium. As of now, only eight teams are allowed to have a limited number of fans in their stadiums.
This lack of fans is a big deal because of how it affects the players. The fans affect a game more than a lot of people realize. They create noise during important plays to distract the opposing team. They cheer for their teams, and they contribute to the flow of a game.
Having no fans almost completely takes away the homefield advantage, an important factor for NFL teams.
To help make up for the lack of fan noise, the NFL is making all teams play artificial noise in their stadiums unless they have a certain number of people in the crowd.
The lack of fans and noise is also noticeable to those watching from home.
Vice Principal of Academics Jake Hollin commented. “It’s pretty noticeable; we were joking about it the other day, I felt like there would be more booing, and there wasn’t.”
As of September 13, the NFL has reported that none of their players or coaches have tested positive for COVID-19. It is important that this trend continues so that the league can have a full season.
The Baltimore Ravens began their season on September 13 with a game against the Browns. Lamar Jackson completed 20 of his 25 passing attempts, and he threw for 275 yards, leading the Ravens to a 38-6 win against the Browns.
The Ravens followed up this win with a second week win against the Texans and a loss on Monday Night Football during Week 3 against the Chiefs.