Allison Krieger plays varsity soccer for John Carroll


Giovanni Rizzotti, Entertainment Editor

Allison Krieger has been playing soccer since she was around eight years old.

“My earliest memory of playing soccer is competing on the Fallston Travel Team when I was around eight years old. I absolutely loved this team, and my dad was the coach, so it was even more special. I remember playing in many games and tournaments for this team and winning a bunch. Also, that year I had won MVP for the team, so I remember how awesome I thought that was,” said Ally.
Ally has faced some challenges when it comes to playing soccer.
“The biggest challenge of playing soccer throughout the years is competition. I have played for high-level club teams since I was ten years old, and the competition is rigorous. Soccer is not only a tough physical game, but it is mentally a tough game.”
Regarding her motivation to play soccer, she said, “My motivation to continue playing soccer is my love for the game. Soccer is such a huge part of my life, and it brings me an indescribable sense of happiness that nothing else could bring. Soccer is the one thing in life I spend the most time doing, so I could not imagine my life without it.”
Ally does a few things in her free time.
“When I am not on the field, I spend my free time hanging out with my friends and family. I love going to the beach, on hikes, and running/lifting with my brother and dad.”
In regard to what soccer has taught her, her goals and her plans for her future, Ally commented, “Playing soccer has taught me to never give up. I have a very hard-working and driven personality, and soccer has really brought that personality out, not just in my athletics, but my academics as well. My goals in playing soccer are to be able to be successful and compete at the university I will be attending. My plans for the future are to play Division I soccer at Robert Morris University and be able to compete and be successful there.”
Allison has this advice for other athletes: “Never give up on your goals because if you want something and work for it enough, it will come to you. My whole life, I wanted to play Division I and although COVID took a toll on the process a bit for my class, I was able to receive multiple opportunities and pick the best school I thought would suit me the best academically and athletically.”