Opportunities available for workouts without the gym during COVID-19

Giovanni Rizzotti, Entertainment Editor

Most gyms are likely following the basic health procedures to keep members safe: mask wearing in-between workouts, wiping down machines and equipment after use, social distancing, and closing off certain machines to keep distance from one another. This should keep a person safe, but some patrons may not feel comfortable.

So, what is the solution to this? Working out outside of a gym, of course.
Working out outside of a gym is the best solution because, not only does it keep you and your family safe from getting the virus, it also saves a lot of money.
Why does it save you money?
The easy answer is that gym memberships tend to be pretty expensive, depending on the gym and how many people are in your family with their own membership. A membership could rack up hundreds of dollars every year, money that you could be using for more necessary things.
How should you work out outside a gym? There are many options. One option is to put a yoga mat on the grass outside your home and do yoga. It is a relaxing, easy way to get some exercise. Another way you could work out outside of a gym is jogging or running around your neighborhood. This option seems to be one that many people enact out in today’s times, considering some are still stuck at home. All you have to do is throw on some running gear, map out a route around your neighborhood, and get to running.
Walking your dog can tie into the second idea above, as not only does it help you get exercise, it gets your furry friend some exercise as well.
Another option you could do, although more expensive, is to purchase your own workout equipment and set it up in a room of your home. This equipment can range from a bench press with weights to a treadmill. However, like previously mentioned, this option may be a very expensive one if you are attempting to save money.
As the pandemic continues on, try to consider these options to stay in shape and to stay healthy.