Restrictions concerning facilities grow upon student return

Signs on campus and notices reflect field usage policies


Madison Elliott, News Editor

As the JC community enters this new school year, renovations, protocols, and new rules have been established. One of these protocols includes the restrictions added regarding the usage of sports fields and equipment.

Director of Facilities Joe McGrain, clarified information concerning these changes of policies towards the sports fields and equipment on campus.
For starters, the new policies include requiring students or staff to show ID in order to access the fields. The ID will also give access to sporting events and workouts. The fields are no longer for public use. Rentals must be approved, and the fields and equipment times of usage is from dawn to dusk.
“As with every decision we make, this was driven by doing what is in the best interest of students,” Mr. McGrain said.
“We have experienced instances of damage to our fields and equipment from improper use, so limiting use protects these outdoor athletic facilities and keeps them in prime condition for our students,” Mr. McGrain added.
Being too lenient with the rules left people being careless. These implemented rules will prevent reckless behaviors while using the athletic facilities.
Along with the concerns of keeping up with field and equipment condition, the decision also covered concerns of protection of the campus.
“Additionally, there are safety and security concerns associated with not being able to immediately identify individuals on campus as legitimate members of the JC community,” Mr. McGrain said.
“There is a liability concern if someone gets injured on what is private property (owned by the Archdiocese of Baltimore),” he shared.
These protocols can protect field conditions for student-athletes and maintian security for the entire campus from the risk of the unreliable outside users.
Using JC identification cards will ensure that those using campus fields, facilities, and equipment are being used by the JC community rather than keeping them open to the public.
Mr. McGrain confirmed that the COVID-19 pandemic was not one of the reasons behind these decisions.
To monitor this policy at JC, Mr. McGrain had said, “Our campus security team will vet all guests spotted using outdoor athletic facilities. Approved rentals will be provided with a permit to display upon request while students and employees will be asked to show their John Carroll identification.”
The new decisions will be permanent. The policies currently do allow for students’ family members to join the student onto the JC campus. The only addition or change being considered at this time is regarding alumni usage of JC facilities.
These are new protocols that are still in the works as they have been newly-implemented on campus.
The goal is to continue to make JC safer for students and the facilities on campus.