John Carroll Spirit Week culminates with the Homecoming football game

Halftime saw band performance and court introductions


Meghan Kerr, Senior Coverage Editor

On Friday October 23, JC had their first Homecoming Game in two years. With many sports seasons being cut short in 2020 due to rising COVID-19 cases, this year’s game was a breath of fresh air and normalcy which we have not experienced since 2019.

The John Carroll Patriots played the Loyola Dons on the night of the game. JC had also played Loyola for Homecoming games in previous years, such as in 2019. The overall game score was 38-3 with JC losing.
However, although the Patriots lost, the game was not a complete bust according to students. Junior Izzy Cole said, “I have to say it wasn’t the best game, but the school spirit was really there, and our student section was the most filled I’ve ever seen it.”
Junior Ava Freeland also commented, “Everyone was still cheering and having a good time even though the team was losing.”
Even though it seemed JC was going to suffer a loss to Loyola, the JC team still gave their best.
Senior Carter Horsborough, an outside linebacker on the team said, “Down 38-0 at halftime. It would be easy to laugh it off and just be done with it, but I am proud of our guys for holding each other accountable and doing their best to come out in the second half and fight for our pride.”
Carter also said that he feels that the team could have used different strategies in order to improve their playing.
“I think we just had to keep our heads. They had a great play on the opening kickoff to go up early, and I think it kind of knocked our confidence and drive down a few notches. Just keeping composure when things go south,” he said.
The game did have another highlight. Senior Alex Mullin was able to score a record field goal during the second half of the game.
Alex said, “When I was on the sideline preparing to take it, I was mentally preparing myself, knowing that this was just another kick that I was going to have to take… I took my normal steps, and once the ball was snapped, I kept my head down, ran up, and kicked it. While it was unfortunate that the game resulted the way it did, I was happy with the 41-yard kick as it was a career long for me, breaking my previous record of 40-yards.”