Ravens Update: Ravens continue to struggle with devastating injuries

Sydney Miller, Media & Online Chief

The Ravens are currently 8-5. The Ravens are trying to get back into the groove and continue winning games, hoping to continue their previous success into the upcoming playoffs.

In Week 13, the Ravens went up against their rivals: the Steelers and lost 20-19. During this game, Marlon Humphrey suffered a season-ending injury to his chest. Marlon Humphrey has had a total of 55 tackles and 13 passes defended just this season.
With Marlon Humphrey out for the season, the Ravens’ defense is going to be in some trouble. With Marcus Peters out from a torn ACL back from Week 1 and with Marlon Humphrey tearing a pectoral muscle, the Ravens are down their star cornerbacks. They had been dominant in defending top receivers, creating turnovers and intercepting the ball while on defense.
The Raven defense will have to quickly adjust to losing Marlon Humphrey, and the defense will be seen struggling trying to cover top receivers such as Cooper Kupp, Odell Beckham Jr., and Ja’Marr Chase in upcoming weeks.
The Ravens have been struggling on offense. Lamar Jackson has been sacked a total of 20 times in the past five weeks. There are many reasons that a quarterback gets sacked in a game: the quarterback holds onto the ball for too long, the offensive line struggles, or the offensive is repeatedly shut down by the opposing team’s defense. The Ravens must take steps to fix these issues to be even more productive on offense.
The Ravens are still productive on offense, but they’re not without their small problems.
Likewise, in the last four weeks the passing game has totaled 760 yards. Mark Andrews has been a great asset in the passing game. He has a talent of tearing through defenses and making big plays out of simple passing routes. He explodes with the ball and fights for every yard while he has the ball. In week 15, Lamar Jackson suffered a low ankle sprain and is being treated as a day-to-day player. If Lamar Jackson is out, the Ravens will be in trouble for games to come.
Conversely, the Ravens have been slightly struggling both on and off ball. They keep getting hit with pre-play penalties costing them valuable time and yards. While the Ravens are cleaning up these unnecessary penalties, they are able to make the game easier on themselves.
When the Ravens fix all of these little mistakes, it will make the team better and help them win even more football games.
Coach John Harbaugh’s philosophy is that the most important part of the game is the team. Every week he tries his best to pull the team together to win games, and this year has been no exception.
The major issue with the Ravens right now is injuries. The Ravens have put a total of 16 players on injury reserve. With all of the injuries and setbacks the Ravens have dealt with this year, it is imperative that the team stays strong and together to continue being successful.