Evans breaks shot put record by three feet

Meghan Kerr, Senior Coverage Editor

At a track meet at the Loyola Blakefield school on January 8, Junior Drew Evans broke the indoor track record for the farthest shot put in school history. He broke the record by three feet. Then he broke it by another five and a half inches six days later.

Drew has been throwing shot put since his freshman year at JC. He said that breaking the record has been a goal of his ever since.
Drew said, “I knew I had broken the record as soon as it came off my hand. They told me the mark which was 42”10, and I knew the previous record was around 39’.”
To train for his meets and practices, Drew said, “I go to F1 Performance Gym in Bel Air. I go there about three days a week with my trainer, Joey Powell.”
He also said, “I work on things that would help me throw even farther. Form and technique are the most important thing in throwing, so I must work on that aspect five to six days a week, all year.”
Constant training and practice can be draining for Drew, however. He said, “It can be difficult at times to balance it all. I have practice for around an hour; then right after practice I go to F1 Performance gym. I make sure to get all my homework and studying done after.”
However, Drew does not plan to stop his hard work anytime soon. He said, “I am always striving to throw farther, and I don’t want to use the record to confine myself.” He also said that he hopes to “throw shot put and discus at the Division 1 level.”
Coach Robert Torres said the previous record was 38 and a half feet. “[Drew] broke it by about three feet. And he’s got room for more.”
When trying to obtain a new record, Drew became injured.
He said, “I had a small rib injury about a month ago. It had me sitting out for a month which wasn’t ideal. I couldn’t go to the gym or practice.”
However, even with his injury, Drew fought hard and commented, “I think I have done a decent job getting back to where I was before.”
Drew wants to continue his shot put journey into the spring, hoping to make his new personal record 48’. Mr. Torres also feels that Drew has potential to go further with his record. He said, “I think he’s got another at least three feet in him.”