Hughes pursues her passions of being a D-1 basketball player


Madison Elliott, News Editor

Alyssa Hughes is a freshman this year starting out on varsity for the girls basketball team.

For the past seven years Hughes has been working hard to improve her skills on the court. Basketball is a passion of hers that she has loved since she started playing.
Regarding what she loves in the sport, she said, “Some of the best parts of playing are meeting new people and having something new to push yourself to work towards each day.”
Basketball gives her a drive and opportunity to be outgoing among a new group of people.
As talented as she is, she faces challenges just like everyone else. “Some of the struggles are being able to find energy and positivity to pull the team together during a rough game or practice to get a win,” she said.
Alyssa not only works to push herself to do her best, but she also makes an effort to support her teammates. Alyssa loves all of her friends on the team, so she makes keeping the team together a priority, which benefits the team overall.
“Keeping a positive attitude” and “working even when it gets hard” is advice Alyssa could give towards how to overcome these challenges.
The tough games and practices are driving factors to motivate hard work. While playing, Alyssa said, “I am motivated by my goals of playing Division 1 after high school. This is a high goal to aim towards, causing me to always work hard and strive to do my best.” It is her plans for her future and goals she set for herself that pushes Alyssa to work hard.
Outside of JC, Alyssa takes time on her own to practice. She trains three to four nights a week outside of school with her trainer in a Basketball Boot Camp.
Alyssa’s plans for the future include “playing Division 1 at a high academic school, such as [an] Ivy League School.”
With the current drive, motivation, and encouraging support from peers, Alyssa seems to be on a bright path towards her goals.