JC has protocols for athletic injuries

Madison Elliott, News Editor

One of the biggest concerns while participating in sports is their potential for injury. Injury is obviously possible with any sport, so the question becomes how injury differs between sports or each season.

According to Mr. Eric Fabriziani, the Assistant Athletic Director, most injuries in sports occur in the fall, then the spring, with the least number of injuries in winter.
This occurrence can be explained by “the sheer number off athlete’s, there is less of a number of athletes with less injury prone sports” in the winter season.
In sequence of the most injury prone sports season to the least injury prone season it would be Fall, Spring, and Winter.
To find solutions the next question asked was what athletes can do to prevent injury. For athletes overall, Mr. Fabriziani suggested, “right off the bat, eat well, hydrate, and prepare for the season.”
Athletes can work to stay in shape and workout this can assist in keeping athletes conditioned and keep their body stretched, in shape for the season.
Because injuries are inevitable in any sport, Mr. Fabriziani was able to share JC’s policies regarding injuries and the recovery of them.
Once an injury occurs, the next step is to determine the severity of the injury to know how it should be treated.
Regarding the two types of severity is where one where “JC takes care of everything with no outside doctor with a gradual return.” The second type of return is where the doctor determines with gradual return.
The decision is discussed between both the doctors of JC staff and the family involved. In any case, it is ultimately the decision from athlete and their family to determine how/where treatment should be received from.
Although there is always a risk of injury, JC has set protocols and tips to help prevent along with help rehabilitate each injury.