LA Rams take 23-20 win in last night’s Super Bowl

Touchdown in final two minutes leads to victory for the Rams

Sydney Miller, Media & Online Chief

Rams win! It’s very well-deserved win for this amazing team. However, it was tough win for the Rams against a very good Cincinnati Bengals team.

While it appeared that the Bengals were close to a victory, there was a storybook finish at the end of the game for the Rams when Matthew Stafford threw a pass to Cooper Kupp and scored a one yard touchdown with 1 minute and 25 seconds left in the game, putting the Rams ahead of the Bengals 23-20.
Throughout the game OBJ scored a touchdown for the Rams, then later exited the game for a knee injury.
Cooper Kupp ended the game with 92 yards and two touchdowns. He was named the Super Bowl LVI MVP.
Matthew Stafford finished the game with 283 yards and three touchdowns with two interceptions.
On the Bengals side, Ja’Marr Chase ended the game with 98 yards and no touchdowns. Joe Burrow ended the game with 263 yards and one TD.
The Rams’ defense made sure to pay attention to Ja’Marr Chase and managed to hold him to no score.
The Bengals’ defense did their best through the first half to contain OBJ and Kupp but failed to hold them scoreless.
OBJ left the game for injury, leading to the defense adding more coverage to Kupp, but this didn’t stop him from scoring on the game winning drive.