Carrico takes on year two of varsity


Ella Campbell, Staff Writer

Sophomore Vivian Carrico is currently in her second year of playing with the girls varsity basketball team.

Vivian is an athlete who worked her way into a key role of a championship finalist team as a freshman last year. With only one senior this year to lead the team, Vivian has filled the other role, becoming a captain.

Vivian said her favorite part of basketball is “being with some of my best friends and meeting new people who I probably wouldn’t have talked to without the sport.”

Vivian started playing basketball in the seventh grade, playing for her school and a local travel team shortly after.

She currently plays for Team Thrill, a team founded by Will Barton of the Washington Wizards.

“We have lots of out-of-state tournaments this year, such as Kentucky, Ohio, and Alabama,” Vivian commented.

With great skill comes great practice. Vivian currently shoots 73% from the free throw line, and that doesn’t come easily.

“I practice every day during the off-season with different trainers and by myself,” Vivian explained.

Her goal for the future is to play in college, wherever that may be. Vivian will take the chance to continue at the highest level she can play.

Vivian had a feeling basketball was going to have a special place in her heart from the second the ball hit her hands. “Ever since I started playing,” she said, “I knew it would be my favorite sport.”

When Vivian isn’t in the gym, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. One of her favorite things to do is watch college basketball and hangout with her three dogs.