Girls swim team is back-to-back champions


Aeowynn Ayres, Entertainment Editor

John Carroll’s girls swim team became back-to-back IAAM C Conference champions Monday, February 6. The championships were held at Loyola University’s Aquatic Center at 4:30 pm.

Senior Kaylie Wolf explained that the team had time to practice prior to the meet. “Our coach tried to have our events settled before the practice that was closest to the meet . . . We then adjusted the set based on what we will be swimming in/at our event.”

Coach Jess Jelen-Joy remarked that the girls were “focused and locked in.”

Senior Tory Novak commented, “We prepared for the meet by working together at practice to make sure that everything was perfect.”

Tori explained that they practiced relays, turns, starts, and overall techniques “to make sure that there would be no reason to not come home with a win.”

Senior Manna Hollin added, “We encouraged each other in warmups.”

Being back-to-back champions had a great impact on the girls.

Coach Jess said, “This back-to-back win shows the hard work that myself, our assistant, and the girls have put in over the last three years since taking over as head coach. We’ve all worked hard to recruit and retain our swimmers so that we could build the team we have today, which is a group of amazing swimmers and young women who enjoy the sport.”

Tori said, “This win felt like a great way to end the season. It was rewarding to know that once again all of our hard work paid off, and we are able to leave JC swimming with two wins under our belts and a crazy amount of good memories together.”

Kaylie commented, “Winning the conference is honestly the best way I could’ve imagined ending my high school swim career.”

She added, “Even though we were undefeated this season, there was still the possibility of losing… I was nervous the whole time leading up to championships, especially the day of, but once the scores were announced, I felt proud. [I was] proud that all our hard work had paid off and proud that I finished my high school chapter as a defending champion and co-captain of a conference-winning team.”