Senior Jeannot Basima reaches 500 career rebounds


Els Krimsky, Sports Editor

During a face off against Boys’ Latin, senior Jeannot Basima made his 500th career rebound, making him the fourth player in Patriot history to do so.

Jeannot, who has committed to play Division I basketball at Yale University, said, “It is an honor, and I feel blessed to join this group. This was a big goal of mine, and I knew I was capable of achieving it during high school, so it was just a matter of making it happen.”

This mindset has made Jeannot a critical player on the John Carroll boys basketball team for all four years of his high school career.

Head Coach Seth Goldberg commented, “This achievement is not because of size and strength. There are a lot of strong athletic 6’4 guards out there. Who Jeannot is, how he was raised, and his drive to succeed in life: that’s why he gets this.”

Mr. Goldberg added, “Very few people have his work ethic, toughness, and character.”
As he continues to develop as a person on and off the court, Jeannot has been able to take away an important piece of knowledge from this incredible achievement. He said, “I learned that you can do anything if you believe in yourself, work hard, and stop worrying about what other people think of you.”

As Jeannot’s final high school basketball season nears its end, Mr. Goldberg reflected on the contributions Jeannot has made to the team.

“I am extremely proud of him, but much prouder of the example he sets for his teammates with how he treats people and how hard he works on a day-to-day basis. . . We are very lucky to have Jeannot as a leader in our program and school.”

Moving forward, Jeannot hopes to continue achieving milestones like this and plans to do so by pushing his perseverance and grit to the limit.

“I want to achieve goals like this moving forward in my basketball career, and the only way I can make that happen is by working hard and staying focused,” said Jeannot.