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Students share their side of game

Madison Dailey, Community Editor

December 12, 2017

The time runs down to 14 seconds, and the score is tied 14-14. As the Severn School quarterback attempts to throw the ball to his receiver in the end zone, senior Danny Schall jumps up and intercepts the pass. The JC team begins to...

Freshman left wing Ellie Bruggeman drives down the field against Mount de Sales on Nov. 2. The team went on to win the IAAM B Conference Championship on Nov. 6 against Maryvale 1-0.

Field Hockey

November 28, 2016

Asian stir-fry is one of the various new dishes the cafeteria serves for lunch to cater to the various cultures of the student body. The cafeteria is finding new ways to incorporate the represented cultures into the menu.

Grab and go

May 3, 2016

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Grace Hollin