Senior Profile: Allison Siegel

Maggie Cassidy, Managing Editor

Senior Allison Siegel managed to have an extremely busy and demanding high school career at JC while being the SAC President, women’s varsity field hockey captain, and Print Chief of The Patriot.

Siegel, who has been on the staff of The Patriot for the past two years, says that being a member of The Patriot is what she will miss the most about her time in high school.

“I’m not even just saying that. It [The Patriot] has honestly been the most positive experience of my high school career. Sure, I love playing hockey, but as far as having impact on my life and my friendships and my choices of what I want to do later in life, The Patriot has left an enormous foot print,” Siegel said.

Along with her experience on The Patriot, Siegel says that some of her best memories of being a member of the newspaper involved the infamous Friday night layouts.

“Layout every issue [was my favorite Patriot memory]. Despite the fact that I may or may have not cried at some of them, they were what made the newspaper for me.  Being stressed to the point of hysteria just made every moment funnier, every page finished more relieving, and every quotable quote more insane. Everyone says that they hate layout, but honestly, where else can I be with my closest friends while enjoying free food and getting to do the thing I love to do?” Siegel said.

This fall Siegel will attend the University of Richmond to play on the women’s field hockey team.

“I had a lot of choosing to do with college because of field hockey. So the fact the Richmond had a Division I hockey program was definitely a huge selling point to me, but the overall feel of the school just felt right. I could just feel it that Richmond was where I was meant to be,” Siegel said.

While at Richmond, Siegel will major in English.

“I’ve chosen to be an English major because I’ve always loved to read and write and I aspire to be a writer one day. While I would love to be an author, I know it’s not a realistic profession to start out with, so English gives me a lot of flexibility,” Siegel said.

Maggie Cassidy is a managing editor for The Patriot and