Senior Profile: Allison Walczyk

Maggie Cassidy, Managing Editor

Senior Allison Walczyk is not American.

That is, she wasn’t born in America. Walczyk was born in Germany and moved to the states when she was just seven months old, which is why she spent a lot of time during her high school career learning German.

During her time at JC, Walczyk was involved with various school activities such as campus ministry, Powder Puff, being the president of the National Honors Society, and being the Section Chief of The Patriot.

“My favorite memory on The Patriot would probably just be a combination of layout shenanigans and seeing how crazy people get when they are locked in a room at terrible hours of the night,” Walczyk said.

In the fall, Walczyk will attend Villanova University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“I picked Villanova because I fell in love as soon as I got there. It sounds really cheesy, but they’ll say it on tours that you fall in love with a campus as soon as you set foot on it, and it’s true. I actually cried on my tour of Villanova because I loved it so much and I was scared I wouldn’t get in,” Walczyk said.

While at Villanova, Walczyk will study nursing potentially with a focus on pediatric oncology.

“I chose to study nursing because I love helping people and I have always been passionate about the sciences, so it seemed like a good fit. I also knew that I didn’t want to be a doctor because of the immense amount of schooling. I didn’t want to go into pharmacy because I didn’t like chemistry enough, so nursing kind of fell into my lap,” Walczyk said.

Maggie Cassidy is a Managing Editor for The Patriot