Senior Profile: Collin Hoofnagle

Eva Bialobrzeski, In-Depth Editor

He speaks fluent German, in English. He gives impeccable directions. He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it felt. No, he is not the most interesting man in the world.  He is simply senior Collin Hoofnagle.

Hoofnagle, who has served as News Editor for the past two years on The Patriot, has chosen to attend American University next year to study business, language, and culture.

A man of many talents and attributes, Hoofnagle has devoted himself to the success of the paper by editing, posting, and writing stories.

But is there any concrete evidence proving that he really is the most interesting man in the world? Well, he has traveled to South Korea on business, Germany for an exchange, and Argentina for fun, but it really is up to you to decide.

While being News Editor for The Patriot takes up most of his time, he still manages to be an avid collector. Collecting what? Water bottles that’s what.

Hoofnagle has traveled the world collecting water bottles. Why? We will never know.

But Hoofnagle will forever be remembered as the most interesting man on The Patriot.

Eva Bialobrzeski is an In-Depth editor for The Patriot and