Senior Profile: Elizabeth Tauber

Sarah Kearby, Layout Editor

Woodstock is a small but scrappy little bird in “Peanuts.” Senior Elizabeth Tauber is a small but sassy member of “The Patriot” staff.

Tauber acquired the name Woodstock from senior Hilary Weidner, close friend and co-editor. Tauber met Weidner her freshman year, but they didn’t become friends until junior year and truly bonded their senior year.

Tauber and Weidner became inseparable and as Mark Ionescu, moderator of “The Patriot,” phrases it, began to “share a brain.”Tauber began to refer to Weidner as Snoopy, her favorite cartoon character, and Weidner began to refer to Tauber as Woodstock, Snoopy’s best friend.

But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end as Snoopy and Woodstock take separate paths to college. Tauber plans to attend Towson University while Weidner will attend Mount Saint Mary’s University.

“Hilary and I will most likely stay in touch by texting and Facebook, but since we are both still relatively close (distance wise), we will definitely visit each other and get together, especially during breaks,” Tauber said.

Tauber decided to study speech pathology at Towson University because of the enjoyment she found while doing service at John Archer School. “I loved doing service there because the kids were always so happy and they just loved and enjoyed life and I loved working with them and if I could do something for them to make their lives just a little bit brighter, that’s what I wanted to do,” Tauber said.

She also plans to run cross country and track because she “loves the feeling of getting a personal record and doing well in a race.” “I also love being on a team, it’s like being part of a family, and in college when I am away from my family at home, I think it would be a comfort to have that,” Tauber said.

Sarah Kearby is a Layout Editor for The Patriot and