Senior Profile: Gabby Joseph

Gabby Joseph, Copy Editor

Every successful operation has a group dynamic, and The Patriot is no different. Senior Gabby Joseph plays a part in this dynamic by being a copy editor known for her quick fixes. 

Gabby Joseph was on The Patriot for two years as a copy editor. Although not the most glamorous position, copy editors are the refiners of the journalistic world. Without them, The Patriot would lack the quality required to win so many awards.

Joseph will be attending American University next fall, with a major in International Studies. “I decided to go there because my major is International Relations, and being in DC on Embassy Row will be the best thing for my career,” Joseph said.

Joseph believes that journalism is a worthwhile subject for two main reasons, the first of which was that it was fun. “I’ll definitely miss joking around with people at layout. It made staying all night so much better,” Joseph said. Joseph also believes that journalism helped prepare her for college, and maybe even life. “Journalism taught me how to write clearly and concisely. It helps to not have to ramble,” Joseph said.

Joseph is proud to have worked on such an accomplished paper. “It’s pretty cool. Not many people can say they were on a top nine high school newspaper in the country,” Joseph said.

Joseph definitely recommends the Intro to Journalism class available to sophomores.  “You do learn a lot of stuff that you would have never learned about before. It really widens your mind. Plus, if you’re a copy editor, you start freaking out when things aren’t in line or aren’t uniform,” Joseph said.

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