Lacrosse teams battle in games, against cancer

The men’s and women’s lacrosse games on April 14 were more than just victories for the teams.  Both teams joined together to support research for cervical cancer.

Jessica Vocke, a friend of Krysten Procella, the women’s varsity lacrosse coach, worked with the teams to raise money for her foundation, Reveal Teal Foundation.

Vocke was diagnosed with cervical cancer in September 2008.  She had two children at the time, a four year old and a two year old.  She had several biopsies until she had a hysterectomy in the spring of 2009, but did not need chemo or radiation because her cancer was caught early enough.

In 2009, she started Reveal Teal Foundation dedicated to “getting the word out” about cervical cancer.

Procella and her team came to Vocke about having an event for cervical cancer.  They joined with the men’s team to dedicate both of their home games to cervical cancer.

“Friends was great.  They were willing to move the location and date of the game to coincide with the girl’s game,” men’s varsity lacrosse coach Keith Hinder said.

Both JC and Friends’ players wore teal shoelaces during the game to show their support.

The game garnered much support from the lacrosse spectators.  The women’s JV lacrosse team went among the spectators asking for donations.

“It inspired us to do better and work harder,” senior Harrison Gaeng said.

Men’s Game vs. Friends

Goalie senior Colin Rayburn tensed in front of the net.  The game was tied in the third quarter.  Every shot on the goal counted.   Friends School senior Max Reamer gathered speed and launched the ball toward the net.  Rayburn snapped from his stance and deflected Reamer’s attempt to score.

The varsity men’s lacrosse team made a total of 24 shots, resulting in a 12-7 victory over Friends on April 14.

Junior Ricky Dimicco and senior Brendon Dashiell both scored three goals.  Junior Sam Hopkins and seniors Mike Hinder, Seth Hinder, and Harrison Gaeng also contributed.

The leading scorer for Friends was Reamer, who had four goals.

The game started off slow with JC scoring three goals and Friends one.  Friends slowly chipped away JC’s lead to only one goal at the half with a score of 6-5 Patriots.

“We reevaluated our strategy at the half and changed some things to fit Friend’s strategy,” defensive captain senior Dave Pons said.

In the third quarter, Friends scored with a goal of their own, making the game tied at 6-6.  “We need to play a full game.  We started to relax, which gave Friends an opportunity,” offensive captain senior Sam Chell said.

The team came back and scored another seven goals in the second half.

“The team is well disciplined.  They are not fazed by the score of the game.  They keep focused and came through with a victory,” Athletic Director Tim Perry said.

Women’s vs. Spalding

After the Patriots led Spalding 11-3 in the first half of the April 14 game, the second half started with weak passing from both teams.  Then two minutes into the half, junior Annie Thomas scored off a penalty shot, making that goal the first of a series of goals that both teams would score within four minutes.

Junior Faye Brust and senior Jenn Etzel both scored within 30 seconds of each other before Spalding junior Stephanie Pazulski scored.  Senior goalie Lisa Barnaba made several key saves in the next few minutes that kept the Patriots ahead.

With 16 minutes left in the half, Spalding broke through the Patriots’ defense and scored again, making the score 14-6, Patriots.

The Patriots regained control of the ball at the next draw and played a spread out offense.  Sophomore Erica Bodt scored her second goal of the game. Junior Melissa Cox, who had a game high four assists, added a goal before Spalding put one past Barnaba to make the final 16-7.

“We had really good senior leadership this game,” Porcella said, adding that Etzel had five goals and two assists.  “Lisa [Barnaba] made critical saves in the goal, and [senior] Alex [Mezzanotte] played a solid defense had good draw control.”

Freshman Hannah Griffith said that the win was partially due to the team’s mental game.  “We kept our composure and played at our level,” she said.  “We didn’t stoop down to their level.”

Porcella added that the game was “a whole team effort, up and down the field.”

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