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Students wear blue to remember Fallston High freshman

Hayley Boyle, Reporter

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JC students wore blue under their uniform today, showing support for Fallston High freshmen Joey d’Entremont who was struck and killed by a car on Friday.

Read more about the accident causing Joey’s death here.

Blue was Joey’s favorite color, according to freshman Morgan Ray. “Joey would love that all these people are supporting him,” Ray said.

Students were informed of the incident soon after it happened through Facebook. “Around 11 pm a lot of people were posting statuses about it,” sophomore Allison Blackman said. Sunday night an event invitation was sent out informing students to wear blue for Joey’s support.

After arriving to school, students realized they had permission to wear the colors under their uniform. During the morning faculty meeting, the teachers were reminded not to reprimand students for being out of uniform.

“The students wanted to show their knowledge and appreciation of the circumstances. I’m glad the JC students respected the uniform; it was pretty classy,” Dean of Students Thomas Vierheller said.

The alteration of uniform for today was an easy decision for the administration. “We were showing our willingness to allow students to be a part of that,” Vierheller said.

Some students were weary of the idea of being out of uniform without being sure of permission. “If they announced it, a lot more people would be wearing blue,” freshman Abby Catterton said.

“It’s out of respect, not only respecting him but realizing how fragile life really is because around here, nothing really happens. When it does, it makes you appreciate life,” senior Ryan Eilerman said.

Hayley Boyle can be reached for comment at [email protected].

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Students wear blue to remember Fallston High freshman