Faculty, admin buckle down on uniform violations


As of the March 1 assembly, faculty and administration have been cracking down on uniform violations.

Maggie Cassidy, Managing Editor

On Tuesday, March 1, Deans of Students Thomas Vierheller and Sean Ireton met with all grade levels to discuss recent uniform violations and how the faculty would be cracking down on all uniform violators.

Freshman Dean of Students and Assistant Dean of Students Sean Ireton stated that he does not know why teachers have been careless with uniform violations up until the March 1 assembly.

“There are just some questions I don’t know,” Ireton said.

However, Ireton said that the sudden strictness is coming from multiple uniform violations coming from numerous amounts of students.

Some teachers, including math teacher Jean Willan, are taking their own approach on the uniform violations. According to senior Julia Burke, Willan measured women’s skirt in her math class last week.

“I thought it was awkward because she measured our skirts in front of the entire class. I think it’s unrealistic to change their skirt two months from graduation,” Burke said

“We noticed a lot of students were not following the dress code, and we [the faculty] decided enough was enough,” Ireton said. “We’re in over half a year. Everyone came in and signed the handbook slip. There should be no reasons for students to be breaking the rules,” Ireton said.

According to Ireton, several uniform violations that caused the March 1 assembly were shorts hanging below women’s skirts, men not wearing their sport coats, and men not having regulation haircuts.

“The shorts hanging down below a girl’s skirt looks a bit shabby, and I would like to see the men wearing their jackets and their hair cut at regulation length,” Ireton said.

However, senior Dan Froehlich and junior Lauren Barretto think that it is too late for faculty to be enforcing uniform violations.

“It’s late to start enforcing it now. They should focus on stuff that matters.” Froehlich said.

“I feel like if people are disrespectful of the uniform, then they should just change it,” Barretto said.

Freshman Rachel Weskalnies is against the uniform violations as well. “It doesn’t really affect their [faculty] life really,” Weskalnies said.

The faculty has been told by Ireton to notify him if any faculty members see students violating the dress code.

“Yes, he [Ireton] told us to send all names to him,” art teacher Michael Gaudreau said

Ireton said that if students are caught violating the dress code then they are subject to immediate detention. “We thought it was important for them [students] to be successful in the future, and in order to do that, they need to abide by the rules,” Ireton said.

Additional reporting by Hayley Boyle

Maggie Cassidy is a Managing editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com