Senior class officers plan new fundraisers


Grace Kim, Online Chief

The senior class needs money.

According to senior class moderator Larry Hensley, a target of around $10,000 would be ideal in regards to helping to cover prom expenses, and the senior class officers have begun to brainstorm new ideas.

Senior class President Maria Edwards presented an idea concerning roses. “We thought it would be a good idea to sell roses.  You can buy a rose and send it to the people you care about, like a friend, boyfriend, or even a favorite teacher.  People can add a note to it and they will be sent out on the Thursday of homecoming week,” Edwards said.

Another idea, according to Edwards, is a “dining out night.” 

“A dining out night is where one night at a restaurant, like Looney’s for example, 20 percent of the money made that night will go to the senior class.  So you try to get everybody and their families to go on that one night so we can make a good amount of money,” Edwards said.

Among these new additions, the senior officers will be charging for the evening Powderpuff game, and that money will go towards the senior and junior classes, according to Edwards.

“We want to do some sort of dance, but not Sadie Hawkins.  We feel like that costs too much for the girls to buy a dress, but we were thinking of another type of dance that could be fun,” Edwards said.

According to senior class Vice President Nick Henninger, the main fundraiser will be the Senior Variety Show. According to Hensley, this usually raises $5,000 to $7,000. Another side fundraiser recycled from last year will be the sale of “Black Out” t-shirts.

Henninger also stated that the SAC is planning to raise money for Don Linardi, a senior who was recently diagnosed with cancer, though plans are still in the works.  According to Edwards, the SAC is thinking about getting t-shirts made in support of him to wear during Spirit Week.

According to Hensley, the SAC is going to concentrate on “internal fundraisers” through the students and the school community.  Free prom tickets will be impossible due to the estimated $60,000 cost of the event; however, Hensley stated that prom tickets can easily be around $60 again if this year’s fundraisers are effective.

“We want to make prom tickets as cheap as possible because we want the whole class to be able to attend prom. So if anybody has ideas to fundraisers we are open to any suggestions. Everybody has a say,” Edwards said.