Women’s volleyball claims third consecutive IAAM ‘B’ conference title

Elise Adamson

The women's varsity volleyball team poses with their coaches after receiving their award. This is the third consecutive year the team has won the IAAM conference championship.

Miranda Ripken, Sports Editor

The women’s volleyball team needed one more point to win their third consecutive IAAM ‘B’ conference championship. The game progressed to the fifth and final match. After JC lost four straight points that could have won them the game, the team came together in a huddle to refocus. The score in the match was 14-13, and the Institute of Notre Dame (IND) was pressuring the women. Then senior Heather Dunn tipped the game for JC when she hit the ball over the net and deflected it off of IND.

JC emerged victorious, 3-2.

Although JC shut out IND the last time they faced them, the game quickly started off in favor of IND, as they defeated JC in a close match 23-25. JC and IND, ranked 19 and 20 in the state respectively, took turns winning matches. Losing 2-1, JC started off in the fourth match with an 11-7 deficit. They responded quickly with a 15-3 run, ended by senior Alyssa Goheen’s ace, to create a 22-14 lead. JC won the fourth match 25-20, tying the game at two matches each.

Dunn said the Patriots were able to find balance between nerves and overconfidence.

“We trust each other,” Dunn told Varsity Sports Network. “You got to know who’s going to be there for what. It just has to come together.”

It did come together for JC in the fifth match when senior Emily Soller’s kill at the net came prior to an ace by junior Elise Adamson which put the Patriots ahead 12-6. JC had four opportunities to finish the match but was unsuccessful until Dunn’s hit over the net won JC the match and the championship.

“You can’t beat that experience in a pressure situation,” head coach Greg Cullison told Varsity Sports Network. “We maintained our composure and never got flustered really bad. We had spells where we didn’t play well.”

Adamson led the Patriots with 21 kills, while Dunn added her own 14 . With their third consecutive championship, JC joins McDonogh and Mount de Sales as the only schools to win three straight IAAM titles.

Miranda Ripken is a Sports Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.