ESL program to be expanded

ESL program to be expanded

Spanish teacher Sandi Seiler helps an English as a Second Launage (ESL) student. The Foreign Langauge Department plans to expand the ESL program in the second semester.

Maggie Cassidy, Print Chief

Plans are in the works to alter the foreign language department in the second semester of the 2011-2012 school year by expanding the English as a Second Language (ESL) program.

According to Principal Madelyn Ball, the school may need to hire a full-time ESL teacher for the next semester in order to instruct a group of Chinese students that will be attending JC at that time.

Spanish teacher Sandi Seiler is currently teaching ESL classes and will also teach the incoming group of Chinese students.

“We do have a number of Chinese students coming. This is very time consuming, and Ms. Seiler has taken on this whole project of coordinating all that needs to be coordinated to accept the Chinese students,” Ball said.

With the influx of international students and those enrolled in ESL classes, Ball believes that Seiler’s schedule will be strained. As a result, Ball is trying to switch around some of Seiler’s Spanish 1 classes.

“That has just consumed her time, and she can’t teach and continue to do it the way she is doing it this semester. So we need to ease up some of her classes in the second semester. Now how that’s going to happen, we’re not exactly sure yet,” Ball said.

Seiler was unavailable for comment.

Ball stated that one option for Seiler’s teaching schedule next semester could depend on whether or not Spanish teacher Jennifer Medrano returns from her maternity leave for the second semester. Medrano’s normal courses are Spanish 3, Honors Spanish 3, and AP Spanish, which are currently being taught by Spanish teacher Deirdre Magner.

According to Ball, if Medrano returns, the administration hopes that she will be able to teach  her original classes. This will leave Magner free to teach several of Seiler’s Spanish 1 classes, which will allow Seiler to concentrate more on the international students.

“We’re hoping Mrs. Medrano comes back. If Mrs. Medrano comes back, then hopefully Mrs. Magner can help us. We just don’t know yet because Mrs. Medrano doesn’t have to make a decision until the end of the semester,” Ball said.

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